You Better Think Twice

The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open!
(Budist teaching)

History is always written by the victors !!!
(H. Göring)

The more you investigate, the more you discover that we have been lied to by every institution on this planet. What makes you think that the religions are the one exception? They are at the bottom of all the evil and filth that goes on throughout this world. !!!

(Jordan Maxwell)

Monday, November 22, 2010

104 - Nazi Ufos - The Bell Documentry

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Nazi Ufo The Bell Documentry
"The Bell" Part 1
"The Bell" Part 2
"The Bell" Part 3
"The Bell" Part 4
"The Bell" Part 5

Here a few photos of A Haunebu III.

This is considerd a real photograph!
If anyone can debunk this photo I would like to know,

Artists impressions of what could have been

Saturday, November 20, 2010

103. The Killing of a President

I think this image doesn´t need comment

It could not have been Lee Harvey Oswald

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

102. The Eye In The Triangle

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Giant human bones

Not long ago I mentioned an object I had seen in a documentary about (or by) Klaus Dona.

I can't remember exactly how old they were, but it was very old.
The strange thing is how the stones behave under Blacklight.

And note the skulls of the (what I think to be) Hybrid Human/Alien Race, as mentioned in the ancient myths. People don't get twice as much brain-capacity by binding the skull of the baby.

The human skull can by recognized by the lines on the skull formed by the growing together of the 'soft spot' all human babys have. The lines on these skulls are different.

Above: The pyramid I saw in the documentary. Link to Documentary [HERE]

Why don't scientist investigate this kind of evidence? Is it because most christian scientists are brainwashed, or at least prejudiced, by their religion? And don't wan't to prove their own beliefs wrong?
And lets hope the pictures do not disappear again like the last time