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Monday, August 19, 2013

136 - A Nazi Base on Antarctica?

First I want to thank all my followers and readers for their hearth-warming responses and comments.

A Nazi Base on Antarctica?

At the end of the second world war a lot of papers and information was captured by the troops of the USSR. Some of this information has become obtainable when the USSR collapsed.

New Evidence
We now know that there was a race of sorts between the West (USA & England) and the USSR  to capture German scientists who were working on Top Secret Nazi Wonder Weapons. A good example is Werner von Braun who dicided to surender to the Americans, and became their Rocket Expert.

From the archives of the former USSR this document surfaced.

This is a map for U Boats how to reach a secret Nazi Base under the ice of the South Pole.
Here some details of the map,

Could this be one of the reasons why Admiral Byrd went to Antarctica with a fleet of ships, and came all shot up back within two months, while he was allowed to stay away for 8 or 9 months?
It makes me wonder......