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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alien Agenda

Since I have access to internet I discoverd stories about underground facilities and the network of tunnels.
As I understand it, has the American government a deal with an Alien race !!

They are aware of the excistance of several different spiecies, large gray's, small gray's, the 'Nordics' (they look like us), and the reptilian.

The stories of all the different people are so simular, and so specific concerning the details, that you can't ignore them.

The lectures of Phil Schneider are very clear. He was a geologist for a company that build Deep Underground Militairy Basis for the government. They accidently opend a place occupied by what he called 'large gray's'.

The NASA space shuttle send some extra-ordinairy footage back to earth. During their test with a twelfe mile long tether that broke off, and drifted away from, the space shuttle the camera's filmed a whole score of Unidentified Flying Objects. You can hear ground controle asking if the astronauts see the same activity.

Here the videolink with the footage:

An other image

And these are just a few frames out of all the footage.

Under you see the tether that broke off and drifted away from the space shuttle.

There were dozens off the things like you see here, flying around the tether.

From Derbyshire U.K. 2002


  1. I saw you comment at freemans blog, nice to meet you, please read my latest article, if it interests you, feel free to link to me/reference my work.
    Take care dude, I'm gonna go read your stuff now :p

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM GMT+2

    Its great to see other people with my perspective of the alien agenda and the government. My question is:How do Native Americans fit into the Alien Agenda? All the other races are mentioned except them.

  3. To my knowledge the native americans are very aware of the alien presence on this world.