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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

# 98 The Strange Tale of Rennes Le Chateau

(to watch video just click the title)

Everybody should by now know the story of Rennes Le Chateau.

How Berenger Sauniere found two parchments while renovating his church and how he became rich overnight.
This documentary shows there is more to the story of the Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau.
To my mind only part of the story and the mystery has been solved.
Why would Pousin (the painter) paint the tomb (as you see in the painting "Sheperds of Arcadia") and the landmarks of Rennes Le Chateau?
These are the parchments Sauniere found hidden somewhere in the church, Watch the documentary and let me know what you think. Are there more messages hidden in the parchments? I think so! (click here to watch the video)

Above the first parchment and a link to a good site about it all [HERE]

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